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Title Key Go to Setup
Step 1 - Select One Column of Data to Graph (Two for Dual, Click those Column Headings in the Grid)
Step 2 - Select Columns for Plot Names by Clicking Headings in the Grid
Include headings

<-- Must click View Plot Image button in order to Display Chart Image that can be saved!
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Filter - select which rows appear based on data in columns of the grid. Select as Default Filter Current Limit:

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Sort - select columns to sort on. New summary displays with totals can also be created.

Show Summary of Grid using the Columns selected

Refresh Summary
Columns - select columns to show or to total when creating new summary displays.

Hide Columns that are NOT selected

Hide Automatically created Count column

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Graph - select columns for names on left. Data to Plot and other settings on right

Go to Graph Wizard

Column of Data to Plot

Columns for Plot Name - use Check boxes on left