Day Three: Kay and Jay’s Nashville Adventure

Well friends, it is quarter past eleven and I (Kay) am barely awake. Jay fell asleep (and woke up) twice during Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. If you have been keeping up with us, no, we did not skip Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, we simply watched two movies today! They were both great. I am coming to seriously LOVE my blue ray player (PS3).

Jay came with me to work this morning and time (as expected) flew by. She sat in on our weekly meeting and we had a blast using our new favorite word (dicker) in any sentence we could… which means we tried to use it in them all! We got a fellow co-worker to join in and had a really great time. I gave her a quick tour of the store and my daily routine and then we tagged nearly 500 children’s books getting them ready to go out at the end of this week or early next. We have several ideas planned for work tomorrow!

Steve and I took Jay to our favorite Mexican Restaurant (Las Cazuelas) for lunch. Jay and I spent the afternoon trying to get my Nook to work (which we finally accomplished five hours later) and we took 5 beginner French lessons. I really look forward to practicing this and trying some new lessons out. If you have a smart phone, and you are interested in learning another language, then you should definitely check out the FREE app: DuoLingo.

We practiced our business presentations and enjoyed each others company. Spicy Spaghetti was made for dinner and we tried out this Pasta Express thing we picked up at my work when we first moved to Nashville. It nearly worked. I will give it at least another go before making a final verdict.

I believe tomorrow will be our first real outing, but will save that for tomorrow. I need to be up in a little more than six hours for work. I am absolutely ready for bed. Time to set the alarm and get horizontal.

Until tomorrow…


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