Day Five: Kay and Jay’s Nashville Adventure

I will be the first to admit that today started off quite rocky. Aside from only sleeping about three hours, I (Kay) woke up with an upset stomach. Normally this goes away with a little breakfast; however, the more I breathed, the sicker I felt. It didn’t take me long to realize that it was real. My reaction time was slow at first. The sink? No, I’d have to clean that up later! I knew making it to the bathroom was out of the question and the garbage bag in the kitchen was full. It took all of my strength to break off a new bag and open it. A millisecond before hand, I turned to Jay, told her how so terribly sorry I was and started puking. I managed to take myself and my bag to the bathroom just in time. Needless to say, I called in sick to work.

By 9:30 or so I was feeling much better, and truly hungry. Jay and I went to Cracker Barrel. I love eating breakfast! We both opted for the French Toast with apples on top. It was heavenly. I only now wish I had taken a picture of its yummyness! If only I could figure out a way to attach smells or samples with the blog posts! Maybe one day in our not so distant future. (I am posting on Jay’s laptop and I just realized that you have to punch the letter U in the face in order to get it to work.)

After breakfast, we headed to the West End of Nashville and visited The Parthenon and its small art museum. Here are a few pictures from our adventure today. DSC_0177DSC_0165DSC_0164 DSC_0197 DSC_0259DSC_0274As incredible as inside the Parthenon was, and how gigantic Athena was, some of our favorite moments here were in the art gallery where pictures were not allowed to be taken. We were able to reminisce about the Humanities courses we had to take when starting out our bachelor’s degrees together. I know I for one really liked that I was able to look at the paintings there, enjoy them, and talk about them as if I actually knew what I was talking about.

After our morning at the Parthenon, we drove through downtown and then over to the Opry Mills Mall. We did some investigating earlier and knew that there was a 12:20pm showing of Divergent and neither one of us had seen it yet. So we went! It was really good. We were skeptical about a few of the actors, but in the end it really worked out.

Kay and Jay in front of the Divergent poster at the movie theater within the Opry Mills Mall. Nashville, Tennessee

Kay and Jay in front of the Divergent poster at the movie theater within the Opry Mills Mall. Nashville, Tennessee

After the movie, we went and ate at the Aquarium restaurant where Jay had her first taste of Mahi Mahi! It was a success. I’m not sure how the fish felt about her eating fish in front them! DSC_0319We enjoyed watching a diver swim around the tank to feed the fish. Lunch was a success!

After lunch we window shopped and found Jay a couple of cowgirl hats to take back to Massachusetts with her. We also each got some 1800 thread count sheets for only $29 each (thanks for that Jay!). We also picked up a few other things before heading out.

We are now home, dinner is ready, and Sherlock Holmes is waiting for us in the living room. We do not want to keep him waiting! Until tomorrow, friends! Sleep tight and dream happily.

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One thought on “Day Five: Kay and Jay’s Nashville Adventure

  1. So glad you got better! Phew! What a bummer if you hadn’t! Anyway sounds like a great day. Really enjoying reading your visit together.:-) Ned and I saw the same movie on our little get away and we liked it.

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