Just One of Those Days

I think the title pretty much covers everything for the morning so far. I hope you all are having a far better day than I! It will get better. It has to.


Just One of Those Days

Morning comes with joy
and an outlook toward the day
with sunshine in our hearts.
Encouraged and determined,
spending extra time to prepare.
Yet not two hours pass
and disappointment sets in
covering the joy with emptiness.
A full meeting turns into
a four minute rush job,
overlooked and uninterested.
Time and again I repeat to myself
not to recreate history, and here
I stand, the fool, dreaming of a change
that will never come to pass.



I have experienced bullying off and on since about the 3rd grade. In saddens me when I see people get bullied. I have yet to understand how people think that these acts of hate can bring any good into the world. I will continue to fight against it, as long as I live.


Your words do not affect me
the way you want them to.
They don’t cut and claw their way
into my soul.
You indirectly direct loathing jabs
at my ability and my character.
It is obvious to everyone, and
extremely sad to see.

I wonder how broken your heart must be
that attacking others builds your self esteem.
I wonder what made you believe that you are
so superior to the rest of the human race.

At first I asked myself ‘Is it just me? What did I do
to offend?’ – It is not me, and I did nothing to you.
This has nothing to do with me–
not really.

You are drowning in your own insecurities.
You’re lost, and on some level, I pity you.
I will not react when you attack.
I choose not to feed your fire.
Because when your flame finally burns out,
and we both know you will…
I will continue to grow in kindness and thrive.



Acrostic Poetry

I’ve been thinking a lot about my writing in general, and poetry specifically. Thinking back, I don’t think I have ever taken a single class on poetry, and yet I write it more than anything else. Knowing this, I decided to search out and try my hand at different types of poetry over the next few weeks.

The first style I chose was Acrostic Poetry. Basically, you spell out a word using the first, last or middle letters of a line. Using the first letter was the easiest, and it grew in difficulty from there. Here are three different types of Acrostic Poems! Please feel free to create your own as well! Mine are themed, but they do not necessarily have to be.


What Once Was
Stars paint the sky with specks of light
Umber stretches across the treeline
Motionless as we stare up to eternity
Meteors dance, crashing through the atmosphere
Ever-changing canvas for our eyes
Remembering what once was, what can never be again.

A heat wave Smolders the earth
Do you Understand the truth,
the Magnitude
of my Melting?
A personal state of Emergency emerges
I have lost all sense of Reason.

My Wish
Each night I dream as I look upon the starS
In the loving arms of my beaU
The sky mesmerizes, I forget where I am froM
Earth disappears, my worries are jetsaM
My love, twists and turns, yours and minE
I wish these nights could last foreveR


*I cannot seem to fix the formatting for this poem. The letters line up through the center normally.

Counting Sheep

One, two, three
counting sheep.
Toss, turn, fluff
comfort lost.
Finances, family, freedom
fill my mind.
Choices, worry, planning
to pass the time.
Eyes open and close–
close and open to the rhythm
of our overworked air conditioner.
Minutes drag and
hours disappear.

Darkness fades
into light.
The faintest glow
demands its presence
to be known.
Birds awake and sing
joyfully greeting the morning.

Night has cheated me
once again.
Yet still I try,
over and over:
one, two, three
counting sheep.




Move that here,
I’m sure it will fit!
Move that there,
We cannot quit!
Of course it will work,
There’s no doubt in my mind!
So what if we didn’t draft it,
I’m sure it will be fine.
Just take it from me,
I’ve done this many times before.
Rearranging furniture,
Can be a fun chore.
Of course we can take a break,
We have to eat at some point.
But back to work we’ll go,
Breaking our backs and straining our joints.
It’s only half finished,
We must get this done!
So we can still relax,
Before the day is gone!