Graduation Day for Jay

May it be known that today, the tenth day of the fifth month in the two thousandith and fourteen age that Jay graduates from college with her Bachelor of Art degree majoring in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University!

I am so proud of Jay for buckling down and committing to academic excellence and pursuing her dreams! All of the hard work has paid off.

Today, we celebrate you! Let’s kick things off with a cheesy rhyming poem!

Since high school
we have been
through everything:
thick and thin.

For life
we have found
no matter the distance
our friendship, like the earth, goes ’round

The future
we do not know
yet I am sure
we will grow.

Today we celebrate
everything you have done
Tomorrow: time to start writing
let’s have some fun!

Jay's graduation excitement (with photobomb by husband).

Jay’s graduation excitement (with photobomb by husband).

Celebrate good times, come on!

Celebrate good times, come on!

A huge graduation

A huge graduation

The Graduate! Congratulations, Jay!!!

The Graduate! Congratulations, Jay!!!

Jay is officially a college graduate! Congratulations!

Jay is officially a college graduate! Congratulations!

Score! I just got a husbandless selfie sent in from Jay after her Graduation!

Score! I just got a husbandless selfie sent in from Jay after her Graduation!





Write down EVERYTHING you can remember about your algebra teacher.

-Kress Drew

-Sandy Union High School (currently Sandy High School)

-Average height

-Slightly nerdy

-No glasses

-Kind eyes

-Had him for Algebra I (sophomore year) and II (senior year)

-He petitioned for me to move onto Algebra II even though I failed Geometry and was supposed to repeat it

-Never missed a day of work… unless you count the one day a year that he dressed up like Alex Trebek to help us study for our finals

-Inspirational quote on the wall each week

-Taught me how to properly shake someone’s hand (eye contact, smile, firm confident shake)

-Extremely kind, understanding, encouraging, honest

-Always willing to help (he wouldn’t move onto the next subject until everyone understood)

-Most kids didn’t want his class because he was a hard teacher. That made me like him even more. If you put the time in and studied, you would do well in his class

-Full of corny jokes

-One of my top three teachers of all time

-Shortly after high school, he sent me a small card encouraging me to follow my heard and chase my dreams. That card is one of the few things I have left from high school

-He didn’t just teach math, he taught fundamental values of being a good person

-Wrote me an amazing letter of recommendation for work/college

-Encouraged questions

-Open door policy

Mr. Drew was my favorite instructor in high school and he was my standard for teachers throughout my college education. It saddens me a bit knowing that quality teachers are so few and far between. I have had at least 30 different teachers from K-Bachelor’s degree. I can count on one hand those that have been exceptional.

Thank you Kress for helping shape my life.