Mount Laundry

It’s that day again. The dreaded day where we stare at Mount Laundry, hoping to tackle it’s insane heights and strong smell.

It’s a daunting chore that, unfortunately, does not do itself. Oh how I wished it would. It wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have to take Mount Laundry to a Coin-op Laundry to do it.

We gather the clothes, throwing them into three to four baskets (depending on if it’s been 1 or 2 weeks since it was last conquered). Walk them three flights down, squish them into the vehicle, drive to the laundry mat, sort the clothes (taking up 2 to 3 large washers), then wait till it is all finished. Of course, after washing we toss them into dryers, then fold them as soon as they are finished. At that point we do the first three steps, just opposite.

It’s not so bad when the clothes consist only of Jon and I’s, but with the kids here, Mount Laundry became as tall as a small sized Mt. Everest. Okay, so maybe not that large, but it’s big.

I don’t mind folding my clothes. They are large enough that when stack on top of each other, they don’t plummet to the ground. When folding kids clothes, one pile of shirts must become two.

No matter what it is, laundry is never fun when you have to do it somewhere else other than your home. We make do with it cause it saved us on rent, but I miss having my own washer and dryer.

I was able to do laundry throughout the week rather than once a week or every other week. I was able to put them away rather than let them sit in baskets for a week.

After we finish at the laundry mat, we are so pooped from that chore that we don’t even want to put our clothes away.

Oh well, at least they are clean.

Now off to conquer and defeat Mount Laundry. Wish me luck.


LEGO Madness

Have you ever stepped on a lego?  

If you have kids, go to someones house with kids, or have nieces and nephews that play with Legos, than you know how it feels. It’s like sticking a hot poker up your foot. The piece may not be burning, but the moment you step on it, your whole foot feels like it’s on fire. It’s not pleasant. 

Since my kids have arrived, I have not had a day without stepping on at least one lego piece. They are usually scattered throughout the office space since it is the largest floor space we have in the house. I debated having them relocate them to their room, however, we would never find another lego again. 

We love Lego’s in this house. We will sit with the kids and build all kinds of things. At this moment in time they are building bases, forts, and houses with stores. 

I remember when they first got them. They felt like they needed an instruction manual to build anything. They would get frustrated because of the lack of exact pieces to create whatever they wanted to do. Through the years they gradually opened their mind and expanded their imagination. 

It’s hard living in a place without a yard, so the Legos are a blessing. I’ve wanted to take them to the park, but I came down with a severe cold so the park has been out of the question. However, another blessing is the XBox 360 Kinect. They each got a game for the kinect and for 40 minutes they play it. Josh’s favorite is Star Wars, and I don’t blame him. He was working up a sweat playing that game.

At least they get to keep busy. Just hope I don’t have to step on anymore Legos!



Disney day 2

Well we are on day two and at California Adventure side. We’ve done all the big rides so far like  California Screamin and Tower of Terror. We also did the new cars ride Racers, which was awesome!

The kids have loved all of it so far… even wanting to go on all the big rides again! My kids are troopers.


We are almost done with our day and the weather is getting cold. My legs are burnt but I will live. We are going to watch the World of Color show tonight and afterwards the kids are going back to the hotel while those who want to stay up till midnight will go across to Disneyland and ride some more rides!

That has been our basic day so far. We only have one more day and then it’s back to Boston we go. It saddens me to say such things!




A Disney Day

It has been one CRAZY week!! Right now we are in Disneyland and about to watch the fireworks show. It’s quite exciting and I’m typing this on my phone, so when I return I will let you know how everything went!

Well we are back at the hotel room. My kids are sleeping soundly and my parents are snoring loudly in the room next to ours. It’s easy to drown out by the murmur of the air conditioner. Jon (my husband) is trying to upload all the pictures from today on his computer, and well I… I’m just writing this blog and doing my best not to fall asleep writing it.

I was determined to write one today as I completely spaced out yesterday’s post. I am here now!  Let me tell you a bit about our crazy week.

TUESDAY – caught a 6:30am flight to Houston, TX and from there to LA, California. We arrived here in California around noon. Tuesday was just a day for Jon and I to kick back and relax before the kids arrived.

WEDNESDAY- I get a stream of text messages from my sister about how close they were. While we were waiting Jon and I found this cute store called Geeky Mamas.  The store was all girl stuff and all nerd!! My absolute favorite store now. I found a shirt there that has the Tardis on it, plus Belle (Beauty and The Beast) in her small meadow.

We met up with my family and went to dinner at the Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney.

THURSDAY- MAGIC MORNING MADNESS! We got to the park an hour earlier and rented scooters for my dad and Brother-in-law. We had a wonderful time riding all the rides but my highlight of the day was getting to meet Captain America!! He may not be as good looking as the original, but he was still darn cute!!  The kids’ picture is on photo pass so we have to wait for some more photos to get that one.


We did the fireworks show which after that my kids and parents walked back to the hotel (around 10pm). Jon and I stayed with Joyce, Ryan, and Daniel! In two hours we rode Thunder Mountain twice, Mad Hatter Tea Party, Snow White’s scary adventures, and last but not least STAR TOURS!

It was a fun day and we are really excited for tomorrow’s day at California Adventure. I’m about to fall asleep right now, in fact I believe I have been falling asleep now and then since writing this!



Movies VS Rides

A couple days ago I decided to start watching movies that were based off the rides in Disneyland. There is quite a few, but I was really focused on ones like Twilight Zones: Tower of Terror, Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean. I know there are many others, but I didn’t have a lot of time to watch them, so I just stuck with those. Unfortunately, I could not find the Tower of Terror one which is one of my favorite rides! The first one I watched was The Haunted Mansion.

The difference between the movie and the ride; they don’t tell the same story. The ride talks about a bride (I hope I get this right) that kills every man she marries and when she dies, she’s the one who haunts the place. At least that is what I get from the ride. There is a part of the ride where you get to go through the attic and you see pictures of the same lady but a different man each time and towards the end she is standing there with an axe. That is how I came to my conclusion of the story line.

Now the movie… well… it doesn’t do the ride justice, however there are lots of scenes from the ride shown in the movie. The movie’s story line is a love story that went wrong, which I didn’t mind at all, however I think they could’ve got a different guy to play the husband. Eddie Murphy, bless his soul, is a decent actor, but I don’t feel he fit the part for that. Maybe it was actually a storyline fault.

Anyway, you get to see the barbershop head statues, certain parts of the graveyard, the ballroom scene, crystal ball scene, and the knocking door scene. Oh wait I’m forgetting one, the hanging scene at the beginning of the ride. I am thankful that they placed these scenes in the movie. Not sure if I’m the only one who feels this way, but they didn’t seem to flow too well with the story. Oh well.

Next movie was Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. I had seen the first one a week before this so I didn’t want to watch that one again, that’s why I started on the 2nd one. Unfortunately I didn’t make it through the entire movie as I got tired and wanted to go to bed. However, there are scenes in Tortuga that are featured in the ride, along with the dog with the keys, and well, Captain Jack himself which was added not to long ago into the ride.

I say all this cause I’m not sure if it is necessary to always match up the rides with the movies or movies with the rides, but it always makes me excited to see a part of a movie that I know is in the ride!

I hope to go to Florida’s Universal Studios next year and check out the NEW part of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!!  I will have to have another movie marathon before then.


I’ll see you all on Wednesday!! I’ll be in Disneyland that day so experiences will be had!!



Let’s go to a Wedding!

My husband and I were honored to do sound for a wedding today at our church, so I thought it was a great chance to write a poem about one. :D


Let’s go to a Wedding

Sweet, sweet love
A couple at the front
Speaking vows, exchanging rings
Amongst their friends and family
They look on in wonder
With joyful tears in their eyes
As their hearts whisper together
This is love like no other.



It’s Tuesday

I don’t think Tuesday gets enough credit. Other days get a ton of credit, for example: Mondays are the bane of everybody’s existence. It is the start of a new work week, everyone hates them, and its seems to be the slowest day of the week. Then Wednesday we consider hump day. The day that signifies that the work week is half way over. If we just get over Wednesday then we are on the home stretch. Friday is really the best day of the week. Last day of work and we get to enjoy the weekend. At least that’s how it goes with those who have 9-5 Monday-Friday jobs. Some peoples Friday’s are on Thursdays, and their Mondays are Sundays, but Tuesday still doesn’t get any credit. What’s the deal here? Why are Tuesdays not that important?

Today, Tuesday, June 10th, was on a Tuesday in 2008, 2003, and in 1997. Keep going down the line June 10th happens on a Tuesday a lot. However, according to, the only thing that happened on June 10th on a Tuesday was in 1924; “The Italian socialist leader Giacomo Matteotti is kidnapped and assassinated by Fascists in Rome.” (“Today in History..”). There is probably something else that has happened on this fine Tuesday, but it may not have been as important as this website saw it as.

Truth of the matter is, Tuesdays are just that… Tuesdays. They sit between a Monday and Wednesday. No one really plans anything on Tuesday, except for maybe Bible Study groups. There you have it. The truth about Tuesdays. A lone day that needs more to it. Go have an ice cream today. Celebrate something good in your life. DO NOT neglect Tuesday!

Oh look… seems I forgot about something that does happen on a Tuesday that I really like!  A NEW NCIS EPISODE AIRS TONIGHT!!!  WOOHOO!!


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As a writer, I seem to have to feel inspired to write, although that shouldn’t be the case. If I want to get something done I need to just do it and make a habit of it everyday, NOT wait for some divine inspiration (although it helps). Sometimes watching a movie I have seen quite a few times, allows me to write without really having to watch the movie. Listening to celtic music or my very own book soundtrack (which I’m still working on for the book I’m writing now) helps me as well. However, I failed last month. I allowed myself to get caught up in the idea that I needed to be inspired to write that day or that I could just shrug it off and say “oh, I’ll just write more tomorrow”. I also got caught up in the excuse of being in pain all the time which made it impossible to think. I could have done a lot of writing while I was in pain. In fact, it would have been great for my main character.

There I was, disappointing everyone around me, including myself, by not making my writing goal last month. We are on the 2nd day of this month and I haven’t even touched it. There is still a lot of time in the day, and though I like to do the majority of my writing at night, I may need to do it while I have coffee in my hands sitting in a room with no T.V. and no distractions. I’ve been coming to the realization that the TV is a huge distraction for me. I turn it on and get sucked into the comedic styling of Shawn Spencer and Gus from Psych. I need to turn it off, at least until after my writing is finished.

It’s a new month, a new time, a new goal. I will make it!

Thank you Kay for always being an encouragement to me as I struggle daily. You inspire me to write more and to do better and for that I thank you.


Just a Drive

I love the days that Jon gets off from work. Sometimes they are unexpected mishaps due to some odd emergency, but the majority of them are scheduled days off for the holidays, for example, yesterday. Quite a few people get Memorial day off and spend the three day weekend by enjoying the new found sun, camping or going to the beach. Although my husband and I didn’t do a lot the entire weekend, we did decide to do something yesterday.

At 1am the night before I made a plan of attack. We were going to do a driving tour through Vermont and check out some of the covered bridges. I made a list of every cover bridge going North that we would want to see, jotted down the location, and handed it to my husband. He placed all the locations on Google and Waze map systems so we had an easier time finding them, rather than getting lost. Although, getting lost would’ve been fun too. We left the house at about 10 am and didn’t get home till around 9pm. It was a long, but beautiful drive.There is just something about covered bridges. At first I wonder why they made them covered in the first place. Was it for a reason or for aesthetic purposes? Then my thoughts are drawn to the amount of history that has happened in and around these bridges. The timeline of vehicles from the 1870’s and on (oldest bridge we saw was built in 1868), along with the many events that happened at the time the bridge was built. What about the people who built it? Who were they? Did they enjoy their job? What was it like for them? So many questions and not enough answers, yet that is what makes them so amazing, because you don’t know the answers! If you knew the answers to everything, wouldn’t that take the awe out of the object?

Anyway, one of my favorites we saw yesterday was built in 1870and moved to where it is today. That’s right, it’s not in its original location and neither is the one room school house next to it. The burnt wood look gave the bridge so much character. The school house had the same look to the wood but was built to make it look like stone.

My second favorite was the Kissing Bridge. That’s right, there is a kissing bridge which my husband and I did kiss underneath. I will spare the PDA and not place the picture on here. The neat thing about this bridge is that they built this really neat Country store next to it. They had some unique hand made items, fresh fudge, and amazing Vermont Cheeses!  In the dinning/grocery section you got to try all the local dips and even cheese cake mixes. We picked up a pumpkin pie cheesecake mix, which I will probably make sometime this summer. The other thing I really like about it is that on the bridge they actually had a written history of the bridge, which answered some of my questions.

All of the bridges are quite beautiful and I plan on using some of the photos I got to put on handmade note cards, but what I loved the most was just spending time with my husband. Even if we didn’t have sights to see, the drive with him would be perfect, and it was. It is another thing I can jot down as a memory that him and I share.

As for the rest of you, I hope your weekend was wonderful and that you can make some memories of your own.


Green River Bridge - 1870

Green River Bridge – 1870

Near Green River Bridge

Near Green River Bridge

Creamery Bridge - 1879

Creamery Bridge – 1879

Looking through Creamery Bridge

Looking through Creamery Bridge

West Dummerston Bridge - 1872  Longest working covered bridge in Vermont!

West Dummerston Bridge – 1872
Longest working covered bridge in Vermont!

Scott Bridge - 1870 Longest non working covered bridge in Vermont.

Scott Bridge – 1870
Longest non working covered bridge in Vermont.

Hall Bridge - 1982!!  THE SAME YEAR I WAS BORN! One of the youngest bridges!

Hall Bridge – 1982!! THE SAME YEAR I WAS BORN! One of the youngest bridges!

River flowing under Hall Bridge

River flowing under Hall Bridge

Victorian Village Bridge - 1967 Also known as the Kissing Bridge

Victorian Village Bridge – 1967
Also known as the Kissing Bridge

History on the Kissing Bridge.

History on the Kissing Bridge.

Worrall Bridge - 1868

Worrall Bridge – 1868

Bartsonville Bridge - Originally built in 1870, was damaged by Hurricane Irene in 2011, repaired in 2013

Bartsonville Bridge – Originally built in 1870, was damaged by Hurricane Irene in 2011, repaired in 2013

Baltimore Bridge - 1870

Baltimore Bridge – 1870

School house Near Baltimore Bridge

School house Near Baltimore Bridge

Not home, just a place of residence…

Today has been a day of tears. I was glad that I didn’t cry in front of Kay when she dropped me off at the airport this morning, and I didn’t cry  on the plane, but the moment I saw my husband back here in Boston, the tears wouldn’t stop. I was happy to see him, but my tears were focused towards missing Kay and Tennessee. I honestly felt like I had left home, rather than returning home.

I have come to the realization that where God has placed me now, is not my “home”. It is just a place I reside for now. My husband and I are praying for where God wants us to, because we go where HE calls us to. That is why we have landed here in the miserable, lonely state, of Massachusetts. Don’t get me wrong, this state has some awesome history, and it is a great place to visit, but living here is another story. I don’t fit in at all. I’m a country girl at heart and miss the peacefulness that the country (okay small town) life brought me.

I can’t wait to go back to Tennessee!  I feel more at home there, then I do anywhere else!  Maybe God will bring us there. For now, we will just keep praying!

I am so thankful that I got to spend this week with Kay!  I had a wonderful time and the memories will be cherished!  Can’t wait for the next time I get to see ya!!!  :D